It is the general name given to structures which may be single-storey or maximum two-storey when designed specially and are constructed from natural materials. It generally has a small balcony in the entrance part and its size varies between 9 square meters and 35 square meters. It is possible to plan up to 2+1 rooms in convenient square meters. It provides a comfortable living space for families up to 5 persons. A wide variety of raw materials are used from straw to steel according to the development level of the country.

. It is preferred generally in regions with zoning problems and natural areas with insufficient infrastructure. It is possible to change its place thanks to its mobile structure in case of zoning problems. Its use is generally wide-spread in nature. It is used singularly as mountain house and boutique summer house. Its multiple use is wide-spread within the concept of detached hotel in nature. Although its use is not preferred much in Turkey, concepts convenient for constructing boutique hotels at seaside or lakeside may be developed.


It is easily constructed in areas with insufficient infrastructure. Its construction cost is lower and construction period is shorter compared to other structure types. It may be constructed using 100% ecologic and natural materials and it is healthy. It is within the category of earthquake-resistant structures. Its maintenance costs are lower than other structure types. It may be designed specific to the person and demand. In hotel concepts, it enables not only being in the nature, but also experiencing the real nature.

It may be carried if necessary. It enables structuring in natural and protected areas. It enables structuring without harming the nature in areas such as seaside, lakeside, mountain and forest. In boutique hotels, it guarantees a peaceful holiday thanks to the detached units.


Bluesteel was founded in 2016 with the mission of constructing reliable and ecologic structures with its expertise in horizontal construction. Its expertise in all construction areas increases its solution capacity. Its ability to produce solutions under geographical and physical conditions is high. Bluesteel which has developed a new technology other than the classic system is the pioneer producer of new generation bungalow systems. It produces light steel frame bungalows by means of high technology use. Our company which introduced the BUNGALOVE brand into the market with the new interpretation it incorporated in bungalow construction, has become one of the pioneer companies in the sector through its success in durable, swiftly constructed, guaranteed and, if requested, decorated turn key projects.

It delivers single or up to 10 bungalows within 20 days in the form of turn key through its construction capacity of 280 square meters a day. In projects, its expert team firstly analyzes the location and presents project solutions special to you. Its architectural team actualizes your dream with the most convenient square meters and settlement plans in line with the information received from you. Bluesteel has taken as a mission to protect both nature and human health and actualize your dreams through the high technology it uses.


A technology which provides 100% longer life time compared to wooden bungalows is used. The frame structure is completely produced of light steel and a considerable time saving is provided in construction processes. It offers a comfortable living space up to 2+1 rooms and 35 square meters. Thanks to its steel frame structure, it decreases area losses significantly. 100% incombustibility is guaranteed. Flameproof materials are used. Bluesteel uses the same materials in roof systems too, and decreases the fire risk in bungalows significantly. 100% ecologic and nature-friendly materials are used and recyclable structures are produced. Unlike other structure types, its poisonous gas emission is 0. All materials used in Bungalove are more durable and lighter than wood. Their maintenance is not obligatory contrary to wooden materials.

There are no periodic maintenance requirements such as polishing and varnishing in any part of the structure. Materials used in Bungalove construction have the lowest water absorption. They do not cause problems caused by other bungalows such as water leakage and moistening. Its sound and heat insulation is very high compared to wood based materials. Bungalove offers you a perfect silence and comfortable sleep. Materials used in Bungalove have many international certificates, Greenguard being in the first place. Materials approved by world-renowned testing institutions are used. By this means, both your and the world's health is guaranteed in all materials used. In your hotel concepts, it provides the opportunity of a unique architectural plan through the design possibilities specific to you .



It is the structural system established by joining construction components consisting of purline, truss, carcase, chassis, post and beam with S group galvanized steel profiles produced by Bluesteel technology using special fasteners and connecting screws.


Stone wool and wall type glass wool insulation is used in wall panel carcasses. Blanket glass wool insulation is used in the roof.

Optional: Glass wool for roof



The roof construction of which its carrier system is S group galvanized steel profile, is covered with high quality metal tile over OSB/magnesium board.

Optional: Natural galvanized corrugated sheet, painted galvanized corrugated sheet, sandwich roof panel, corrugated bitumen sheet, pattern printed membrane PVC / metal rainwater gutters and pipes


Surfaces of the wall panels of which their carrier system is S group galvanized steel profile, are covered by gypsum board (a1 class incombustible).

Opsiyonel :Patterned magnesium board, fluted magnesium board, siding magnesium board, painted printed plate, jacketing, curtain wall, window and door frames / xps



Exterior Walls: Silicone high quality paints are used.

Interior Walls: Plastic high quality paints are used.

Optional: Satin paint, mineral plaster in jacketing systems, patine (wear patterned paint)



Double glass white color, PVC joinery.

Optional:Colored or wooden patterned PVC joinery, colored or wooden patterned aluminum joinery, sliding or guillotine joinery, biaxial joinery, aluminum or PVC shutter, swatter.



Cylindrical lock steel door is used for exterior doors. Mdf-lam doors are used for interior doors.

Optional: Exterior door; Aluminum, photocell door, PVC, sectional door, fire resistant door. Interior door; Aluminum, American door (sheet or wood frame), PVC, swinging door, fire resistant door.


It consists of lightening armatures, keys, sockets, cables, fuse, fuse boxes and residual current relays, and first class guaranteed materials are used for all of the electrical components. All electrical installation is under plaster.

Optional: Data, telephone, ups, tv fire detectors, alarm, smart house systems




It includes toilet with ceramic flush tank, pedestal washbasin, Turkish style or European style toilet, shower tray, and kitchen cabinet designed specially for the project. First class guaranteed materials are used in all equipment. Installation is under plaster.

Optional: Built-in washbasin, jacuzzi, bathtub, shower cabin, fire extinguishing system, heating and ventilation installation.

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