Container which is the main solution for temporary structure requirements is a frequently preferred structure type especially in construction sites, social house-dwellings, fast accommodation solutions in natural disasters, training and camping sites. Its areas of use are increasing and being preferred due to the fact that it is mobile, it can be dismantled and reused, its infrastructure requirement is little, and its cost is affordable.

It is used as dormitory, dining hall, bathroom, toilet, temporary office, temporary camping structures.


Main reasons for preference of container are that it can be brought to the construction site in dismantled form and be installed quickly in a short time, it can be dismantled and reused, its infrastructure requirement is little, its cost is affordable, it allows for construction up to 4 times in size, it can be extended horizontally, and it is compatible with all sectors which need temporary accommodation. It can be used as a single piece of structure from 2x3 meters up to 7x3 meters and it allows for construction of huge horizontal structures using the joining system


Bluesteel's production of containers from S group steel frame is a proof that it never compromises on security although it is a temporary type of structure. We produce containers that protect the lives of users through their frame and panel technology which is fire-resistant and flameproof. Almost all of the materials we use are recyclable, so we produce structures that respect the nature and human. We produce containers with significantly high heat insulation and energy efficiency. Poisonous gas emission is 0.

We deliver up to 1400 containers per month through our high technology production facility which has a production capacity of 280 square meters per day. Along with our 50-year experience in construction and our high capacity of solving problems and producing solutions, we closely follow up the latest technologies and integrate them into our production processes.


It provides complete safety with S group structural steel. The feature of being fire-resistant and flameproof guarantees safety of users. Its insulation level is high and it provides energy efficiency and impermeability. Poisonous gas emission is 0. It has a construction technology which holds many international certificates such as Greenguard ISO 9001. Almost all of it is recyclable. Bluesteel brings a new perspective to the new generation container and increases life comfort.

The roof system used in standard container has been reconsidered with a new approach and additional living space has been presented to container users by adding window to the A roof system. The windows opening in the roof increase the ability of benefiting from day light.

The new generation container architecture has increased the oxygen amount per person by almost 30%. This increase in volume is a factor that enables you to sleep better and keep fit.



It is the structural system established by joining construction components consisting of purline, truss, carcase, chassis, post and beam with S group galvanized steel profiles produced by Bluesteel technology using special fasteners and connecting screws.


Stone wool and wall type glass wool insulation is used in wall panel carcasses. Blanket glass wool insulation is used in the roof.

Optional: Glass wool for roof



The roof construction of which its carrier system is S group galvanized steel profile, is covered with high quality metal tile over OSB/magnesium board.

Optional: Natural galvanized corrugated sheet, painted galvanized corrugated sheet, sandwich roof panel, corrugated bitumen sheet, pattern printed membrane PVC / metal rainwater gutters and pipes


Surfaces of the wall panels of which their carrier system is S group galvanized steel profile, are covered by gypsum board (a1 class incombustible).

Opsiyonel :Patterned magnesium board, fluted magnesium board, siding magnesium board, painted printed plate, jacketing, curtain wall, window and door frames / xps



Exterior Walls: Silicone high quality paints are used.

Interior Walls: Plastic high quality paints are used.

Optional: Satin paint, mineral plaster in jacketing systems, patine (wear patterned paint)



Double glass white color, PVC joinery.

Optional:Colored or wooden patterned PVC joinery, colored or wooden patterned aluminum joinery, sliding or guillotine joinery, biaxial joinery, aluminum or PVC shutter, swatter.



Cylindrical lock steel door is used for exterior doors. Mdf-lam doors are used for interior doors.

Optional: Exterior door; Aluminum, photocell door, PVC, sectional door, fire resistant door. Interior door; Aluminum, American door (sheet or wood frame), PVC, swinging door, fire resistant door.


It consists of lightening armatures, keys, sockets, cables, fuse, fuse boxes and residual current relays, and first class guaranteed materials are used for all of the electrical components. All electrical installation is under plaster.

Optional: Data, telephone, ups, tv fire detectors, alarm, smart house systems




It includes toilet with ceramic flush tank, pedestal washbasin, Turkish style or European style toilet, shower tray, and kitchen cabinet designed specially for the project. First class guaranteed materials are used in all equipment. Installation is under plaster.

Optional: Built-in washbasin, jacuzzi, bathtub, shower cabin, fire extinguishing system, heating and ventilation installation.