It is the structure where carrier blocks and structure frame elements used in light steel concrete and other alternative structures are made of light steel. It is one of the main production systems of horizontal architecture. The reason of widespread use of horizontal life planning in developed countries is the advantages presented by light steel structures. It enables construction of structures in demanded sizes horizontally and without limitation in square meters in a much shorter time compared to other construction systems and with affordable costs. Light steel structures are also used in vertical construction up to 6 times. The main frame of the designed light steel structure is drawn and produced using high technology machines.

After the steel profiles are prepared, they are brought to the project site upon making their preliminary installation or packaging them so as to be ready for installation. Upon delivery of the ready-to-install structural elements to the project site, the structure is completed by just installing the ready units by the expert teams without making any production in the project site. It is possible to construct from light steel a wide variety of facilities such as schools, factories, hospitals, military facilities and residences. Almost all of the materials used are ecologic and natural. One of its most important features is that the construction process continues without being affected by weather conditions contrary to other construction systems. Light steel structures also provide a big advantage in terms of infrastructure sufficiency. Its solution ability regarding infrastructure is high.


It is very resistant to earthquake; since the structure load is in minimum level and it has structural flexibility, its risk of being destructed in an earthquake is scarcely any. It provides protection against destruction thanks to its flexibility against impacts and quakes. Steel is especially used as the main construction material in earthquake-prone developed countries and is strongly recommended for our country too. The life of the structure is 4 times longer than reinforced concrete and alternative systems. It is resistant against corrosive effects such as corrosion and rusting since it is galvanized. It is not affected by water and moisture. It is produced from ecologic materials at the rate of 90%. They are nature-friendly structures. Its recycling level is very high. It provides incredible profitability in construction costs such as raw materials, workmanship and time. Its man-made production defect tolerance is almost zero since it is produced by using latest technology.

The structural elements are produced in the factory and delivered to the construction site in pre-installed or dismantled form. It provides easy installation in the project site. It enables to reduce to 2% the square meter loss which is inevitable in concrete structures and reaches up to 30%, and thus enables more efficient use of space. It presents you unlimited alternatives in constructional architecture and design. It enables you to construct the structures you dream of. It enables you to make additions, extend when necessary, make small modifications in the completed structure, and increase or decrease the area. It is even possible to transport light steel structures according to the structure type. Its resistance against natural disasters is high, risks such as fire due to lightning is 0 since it directly conducts electricity to ground via many channels. Thanks to its ability of being dismantled like Lego, it enables to construct in rental areas and dismantle later on.


Our company which was founded in 1967 has the capacity to produce steel structures of all dimensions through its 50-year experience in construction and its 67,000 square-meter high technology factory. Our total experience in construction is more than 1,000,000 square meters, 120,000 square meters of which is in steel. Our expertise in different types of construction provides the advantage of finding solutions under all conditions within a short time. Factory buildings, military facilities, schools, houses, accommodation camps, clinics and hospitals are within our areas of expertise. Our organization consists of a team and facility competent in producing and constructing light steel structures wherever humankind resides and however humankind demands.

. It is our main principle to present defect-free, fast and guaranteed production via our latest technology machine park. We do not only present the advantage of steel structure, but also create difference via new technologies we use in the supplementary structural elements in the project. We produce both human and nature friendly structures using 100% ecologic materials which are fire-resistant, flameproof, and have 0 poisonous gas emission. We make production according to many national and international quality standards such as Greenguard, ISO 9001, CE. We present you the structures you dream of in a decorated form and on turn-key basis. We offer transportation and installation services all over the world through our national and international experience.



It is the structural system established by joining construction components consisting of purline, truss, carcase, chassis, post and beam with S group galvanized steel profiles produced by Bluesteel technology using special fasteners and connecting screws.


Stone wool and wall type glass wool insulation is used in wall panel carcasses. Blanket glass wool insulation is used in the roof.

Optional: Glass wool for roof



The roof construction of which its carrier system is S group galvanized steel profile, is covered with high quality metal tile over OSB/magnesium board.

Optional: Natural galvanized corrugated sheet, painted galvanized corrugated sheet, sandwich roof panel, corrugated bitumen sheet, pattern printed membrane PVC / metal rainwater gutters and pipes


Surfaces of the wall panels of which their carrier system is S group galvanized steel profile, are covered by gypsum board (a1 class incombustible).

Opsiyonel :Patterned magnesium board, fluted magnesium board, siding magnesium board, painted printed plate, jacketing, curtain wall, window and door frames / xps



Exterior Walls: Silicone high quality paints are used.

Interior Walls: Plastic high quality paints are used.

Optional: Satin paint, mineral plaster in jacketing systems, patine (wear patterned paint)



Double glass white color, PVC joinery.

Optional:Colored or wooden patterned PVC joinery, colored or wooden patterned aluminum joinery, sliding or guillotine joinery, biaxial joinery, aluminum or PVC shutter, swatter.



Cylindrical lock steel door is used for exterior doors. Mdf-lam doors are used for interior doors.

Optional: Exterior door; Aluminum, photocell door, PVC, sectional door, fire resistant door. Interior door; Aluminum, American door (sheet or wood frame), PVC, swinging door, fire resistant door.


It consists of lightening armatures, keys, sockets, cables, fuse, fuse boxes and residual current relays, and first class guaranteed materials are used for all of the electrical components. All electrical installation is under plaster.

Optional: Data, telephone, ups, tv fire detectors, alarm, smart house systems




It includes toilet with ceramic flush tank, pedestal washbasin, Turkish style or European style toilet, shower tray, and kitchen cabinet designed specially for the project. First class guaranteed materials are used in all equipment. Installation is under plaster.

Optional: Built-in washbasin, jacuzzi, bathtub, shower cabin, fire extinguishing system, heating and ventilation installation.